Patient/Client Rights and Responsibilities

Acclaim Health is pleased to partner with you to provide the services you need.

So that we can better meet your needs, it is important that you understand your rights and responsibilities as a patient/client.


You and your family have the right:

  1. To be treated with consideration, respect, dignity, and to have family and friends to support you at any time.
  2. To refuse an Acclaim Health staff entry to your home if they are not wearing the proper photo identification.
  3. To have necessary information to make informed decisions about your care and to ask questions as needed to make the right decision for you.
  4. To receive services appropriate to your needs and expect Acclaim Health staff to provide safe, professional care.
  5. To have all information shared with Acclaim Health staff kept confidential.
  6. To refuse all or part of your service and to question a decision made about your care.
  7. To be involved in all aspects of your care planning from admission to discharge.
  8. To be referred to other community agencies or organizations as appropriate.
  9. To receive care/service from staff qualified through education and experience to carry out duties for which they are assigned.
  10. To have Acclaim Health staff make known to you any inconsistencies in your care.
  11. To voice a complaint and make changes to your care or the service.


You and your family have the responsibility:

  1.  To actively participate with the Acclaim Health team in preparing and following your health care plan.
  2. To take control of what you can manage to stay as healthy or feel as well as possible.
  3. To notify Acclaim Health ahead of time when you need to cancel a service or visit.
  4. To ask questions if you do not understand instruction or information given to you.
  5. To inform Acclaim Health of any problems or dissatisfaction with services provided.
  6. To treat Acclaim Health staff with respect.
  7. To provide a safe place for Acclaim Health staff to provide service to you by:
  • Not smoking when the Acclaim Health staff is providing care.
  • Removing pets when Acclaim Health staff is providing care.
  • Ensuring that appropriate equipment is available for Acclaim Health staff to provide safe care.
  • Ensuring hallways and floors are free of clutter.
  • Making sure that the pathway and driveway of your home are free of snow, ice or debris.