Client and Volunteer Stories

Alzheimer Services Stories

The Cost of Caregiving: Irene and Keith’s Story
“I was able to keep Keith at home with me far longer than I would have otherwise.”

Bob and Marlene’s Story
“I don’t know how I would survive without the seniors day program.”

Doug and Gwen’s Story
“The day program has allowed me to carry on being Gwen’s caregiver.”


Bereavement Support Stories

Living with Grief: Pat and Gail’s Story
“I was having a hard time.  You’d don’t expect to lose your children.  I’d be a lot worse, but I can handle it now.”


Friendly Visiting Stories

Two Years of Tears: Jeanne-Marie and Annette’s Story
“I was very lonely.  But then I made up my mind I had to do something about it.”

Denise’s Story
“If I didn’t have the help, I wouldn’t be able to stay by myself.”

Ernie and Alison’s Story
“The visits have literally breathed new life into my father.”

Noella and Frances’ Story
“I couldn’t do without her.”


Hospice Visiting Stories

Paul and Milt’s Story
Together they embarked on a journey to fulfill one of Paul’s greatest wishes.


Tele-Touch Stories

Jean’s Story
“The volunteer calling has changed my life a lot because it’s something there that’s reliable.”

Monica’s Story
“It’s easier to get yourself up and going when you know someone’s calling first thing in the morning.”


Health Services Stories

Frank’s Story
“If your organization didn’t exist I don’t know how one person, as a caregiver for their spouse, could survive.  You provide excellent help.”

Martha’s Story
“It’s life changing,” says patient Martha Johnson.