Frank's Story

Photo of Frank Sherwin

Frank treasures the time he had at home with his wife, Lynn.

On Super Bowl Sunday, 2011, Frank Sherwin’s life changed forever.

His wife of 62 years, Lynn, who had been diagnosed with non-Hodgkin lymphoma in 2003, suddenly collapsed getting out of bed.  He rushed her to the hospital.  “Once she was settled there,” relates Frank, “the doctor told me to go home to get some sleep.”

When he returned the next morning, he was shocked to discover his wife had suffered a minor stroke.  She was having difficulty speaking, and needed a wheelchair to get around.  As she began to recover, staff at the hospital told Frank it was time to look for a nursing home for Lynn.

“I told them my wife was coming home,” says Frank, matter-of-factly.

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Frank converted their dining room into a bedroom, installed a TV on the wall, and brought his leather chair up from the family room so that he could keep Lynn company.

“That’s when the help from you folks proved so valuable,” states Frank.  “The nurses and personal support workers were wonderful, just wonderful.  Lynn looked forward to their visits because they were so caring, so attentive.  We’d joke and laugh.  They were so compassionate.  It meant everything to my wife to be at home.”

Then the moment they’d been dreading came.  Lynn passed away June 12th, 2012.  Acclaim Health’s Bereavement Support Services reached out to Frank, and helped him through his grieving process.

Frank was so appreciative of all of the services that he and Lynn received, that he became an Acclaim Health donor.  Asked why he donates, he declares “For the valuable work you do.  If your organization didn’t exist I don’t know how one person, as a caregiver for their spouse, could survive.  You provide excellent help.”

The programs that Acclaim Health provides to our clients are in place because we understand that your need is often not limited to one service. Frank’s story perfectly depicts that you may need support in more than just one form, and Acclaim Health is well equipped to help you throughout the entire process.