Jean's Story

“It’s been hard,” says Jean.  “I don’t envy people who are on their own and are widowed.  It’s a tough, tough thing.”

Jean Griffin lost her husband over ten years ago.  Since then, she’s tried to stay as active as possible – going to classes at the senior’s centre, becoming a member of the local Red Hat Society, and exploring the world through her computer.

She has no remaining family, so she’s made a point of staying connected with friends.  “My friends are important to me, but they have busy lives and can’t always give me the support I feel I need.  Living alone can get depressing.”

Three years ago Jean discovered the Tele-Touch program.  She checks in via phone Monday through Thursday, and has a volunteer caller who calls on the weekends.

“My volunteer caller has changed my life a lot,” reports Jean.  “He’s so compassionate.  I can talk to him about anything, and he’s there to listen and help.”

She loves the reassurance it provides as well.  “It’s like a security blanket for me.  If they can’t get a hold of me, and I don’t check in at my regular time, I know someone will follow up to see if I’m okay.”

“For people like me who have absolutely nobody, it’s a tremendous asset.”

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